All About My Etsy Shop

Hi All! I’ve previously mentioned and alluded to the fact that I’m an entrepreneur within the handmade industry. I launched an Etsy shop called Creepy St. back in late August of 2015.

Creepy St. bio:
The name Creepy St. was inspired by my love for horror movies and acts as an homage to my favorite movie franchise: A Nightmare on Elm Street. While I absolutely am a horror fanatic, my tastes are also quite eclectic.

Here’s a little about what inspires me and what I love: all things horror, 80s culture, art deco, patterns/prints, Dachshunds, typography, Los Angeles [my hometown], and music [metal, electro, new wave, 80s, classical].

What’s Creepy St.? My products are made to be fun, themed, and inspiring statement pieces. I love experimenting with color, shapes, design and typography. I’m currently working with glassware and ceramic for my designs, but please keep in touch for any fresh products!

Thanks for stopping by and keep in touch!

Twitter: @creepy_st
Instagram: @creepy_st