Horror Decor For The Home

Halloween is just a few weeks away and thoughts of pumpkins, zombies, and skull decor are definitely topping the holiday list right now.
While there is plenty of reason to celebrate the most creative holiday of the year, I can definitely attest to enjoying a bit of Halloween in my home throughout the entire year.

Dark and macabre elements can be brought into a home through decor and various products. Both tastefully and tactful, any horror decor could add the exact ambiance to instill horror nostalgia and wonder without making it seem as though Halloween was a year-long holiday (even though I wish it was).

Here’s a round-up of some of the dark, creepy, and fun products to spruce up the home of any horror lover.


Zombie Switchplates from Rebel Circus


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Geoffrey Bradfield Skull Chairs


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Tentacle Wall Decals by Wallstickers4u on Etsy

tentacle wall decal

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Camp Crystal Lake Pillow by HorrorDecor

camp crystal lake pillow

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Freddy Krueger Toaster on Amazon

a nightmare on elm street toaster

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Black Skull Soap Dispenser by Texas Ceramics


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Coffin Bat Clock by LifeAfterDeathDesign

bat coffin clock

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Handshake of Death Wall Print by ThePrintCave

handshake of death wall decor

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A Stay At The Overlook Coasters by SickandTiled

the shining coasters

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How do you inject horror into your home? Do you have a designated horror-only room, such as a bathroom, kitchen, or movie room or do you have horror-related goods throughout your entire home? I’d love to hear more about some of your tips and product recommendations. Ping me or leave a comment below to share!