Top 5 Most Anticipated Horror Movies of 2016

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Every year comes with new possibilities in the world of horror movies. I absolutely love starting off a year with a list of movies that I’ve added to a list of “must-sees” after watching a movie preview, reading an article, or seeing a movie poster. Even though it’s already more than halfway past the mid-point of the year, there still are quite a few movies I’m still anticipating to watch. The Conjuring 2 and The Witch were a couple that were on my list at the beginning of the year, just to name a few.

Skipping ahead to now, I’ve compiled this list below. Some are sequels and others are new additions to the horror community. Regardless, I’m incredibly excited to have these on-board my watch list for this Fall/Winter season.

Blair Witch Movie Poster

Image Source: IMDB.com

Blair Witch: A group of college students enter the Black Hills Forest in Maryland to see if one of their sisters had her disappearance connected to the Blair Witch legend. These students are in for a treat when they learn more about what lurks in the woods. I’m thrilled about this one! I loved the first Blair Witch movie and remember how it really was a breakout movie for me in the horror genre – especially in the found footage genre. I love the idea of learning more about the history of Blair Witch and its connections to any previous disappearances.

Quija Origin of Evil Image source: IMDB.com

Ouija: Origin of Evil: I thought the first Ouija movie was definitely entertaining and had its fair share of creepy scenes. I’m looking forward to this prequel in order to shed some light onto the entire Ouija franchise. I love how prequels and sequels can come together to create the perfect piece of the puzzle for a set of movies. This time around, the movie is set in 1965 in Los Angeles where a woman’s daughter is possessed after a mysterious séance.

Rings Movie PosterImage Source: IMDB.com

Rings: I’ll go right ahead and admit it now. I’ve only watched the original The Ring movie and never got around to watching The Ring Two. I know that much of these movies can tie into one another, but regardless, I may skip watching The Ring Two and go right ahead into watching Rings. I may even go in reverse order and re-watch everything after that! Either way, I really am excited about the nostalgia watching Rings may bring. I remember watching The Ring in theaters and being so incredibly curious about what all of the cinematic hype was about and am feeling the same way now. This time around, I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how the notorious videotape comes into play in this scenario. 

Before I Wake Movie Poster

Image source: IMDB.com

Before I Wake: I don’t know what it is, but there is something incredibly creepy and powerful when a child is involved in a supernatural horror movie. Maybe it’s the lack or questioning or innocence or the powers of uninhibited imagination that garner this fear. Regardless, it’s definitely an extra element in a horror movie that I find fascinating, which is why I look forward to watching this one. Before I wake involves a case of a foster child coming into a home and harnessing a special ability to bring to life elements of his dreams.


The Disappointments Room Poster

Image source: IMDB.com

The Disappointments Room: I’ve always been a fan of movies where something eerie is discovered in a newly moved into home. Especially when there are secret rooms, doors, and areas of a home that might seem imaginative, but end up incredibly creepy. I’ve briefly heard that this movie is based off of true events, but I’ve yet to read about the actual “story” it’s based off of. From what I’ve gathered, a “disappointments room” is an actual room in a home where parents used to build in order to hide their children with disabilities. If that’s not horrifying in it’s own way, I don’t know what is. This movie definitely seems to have some extra elements that involve the supernatural and possibly all too realistic examples of the house’s history. I look forward to watching in order to gather more info about what’s behind that door.

Are you excited about any of these? I’d love to get your thoughts and see if you had any others on your must-see list for the rest of this year! Ping me or leave a comment below to share.