The Mirror

We’ve all been there. Times where our minds play tricks on us or when we really believe that something in our dream actually happened when it was simply a dream. Things like this happen to almost everyone.

However, there are very specific instances in our lives that cannot be explained or are downright creepy.

Here is a perfect example of that:

A True Tale From Cassandra C.

A couple weeks ago me and my 4 year old were getting ready to go out of town. He’s behind on his speech so his sentences are limited to certain words that he hears often.

While I was combing my hair, he was standing in front of our body length mirror mumbling some stuff to his own reflection. After a couple minutes. I glanced over at him and caught him saying, “Why are you crying? Are you dead?”

All this while looking at himself in the mirror. I asked who he was talking to, but he just blew me off and ran out to play.

He’s unable to explain himself, so I’ve yet to find out just what that whole conversation was about. I still think about it sometimes. But since then, not too long after, that mirror fell and smashed to pieces.


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