Top Horror Conventions and Festivals of 2016

Hey guys! In the spirit of Halloween and just knowing how many fun things there are to do in the horror community over the next few months, I’ve pulled together some of the hottest and most attended horror conventions and festivals. There’s plenty to do this Halloween season and beyond!


Image sourceMonster Masks

Son of Monsterpalooza

When: September 16-18

Where: Burbank, CA

More info: http://www.monsterpalooza.com/

Motor City Nightmares

When: September 16-18

Where: Novi, MI

More infohttp://www.motorcitynightmares.com/home

New Orleans Horror Film Fest

When: September 22-25

Where: New Orleans, Louisiana

More infohttp://nolahorrorfilmfest.com/

Bay of Blood

When: September 23-25

Where: Tampa, FL

More infohttps://bayofbloodweekend.com/


When: September 24-25

Where: San Antonio, TX

More infohttp://monster-con.com/

Keen Halloween

When: September 24-25

Where: Phoenix, AZ

More infohttp://www.keenhalloween.com/

Mile High Horror Film Fest

When: September 28-October 2

Where: Denver, CO

More infohttp://www.mhhff.com/

Scarefest and Paranormal Con

When: September 30- October 2

Where: Lexington, KY

More info: http://www.thescarefest.com/


When: September 30-October 2

Where: Verona, NY

More infohttp://scareacon.com/


When: September 30-October 2

Where: Charleston, WV

More infohttp://wvshockacon.com/


When: October 1

Where: Chesapeake, VA

More infohttp://www.monsterfestva.com/


When: October 1

Where: Ottumwa, IA

More infohttp://halloweenapalooza.prescribedfilms.com/


When: October 7-9

Where: Atlanta, GA

More infohttp://monsteramacon.com/

H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival & Cthulhucon

When: October 7-9

Where: Portland, OR

More infohttp://hplfilmfestival.com/hplfilmfestival-portland-or#top

Sacramento Horror Film Fest

When: October 7-9

Where: Scaramento, CA

More infohttp://www.sachorrorfilmfest.com/

Fangoria Fearcon

When: October 7-9

Where: Tempe, AZ

More infohttp://www.fangoriafearcon.com/

Eerie Horror Film Fest

When: October 7-9

Where: Erie, PA

More infohttp://eeriehorrorfilmfestival.com/

The Living Dead Weekend

When: October 14-16

Where: Evans City, PA

More info: http://www.thelivingdeadweekend.com/

Atlanta Horror Film Fest

When: October 13-15

Where: Atlanta, GA

More infohttp://www.atlantahorrorfilmfest.com/

Rock and Shock

When: October 14-16

Where: Worcester, MA

More infohttp://rockandshock.com/


When: October 14-16

Where: Minneapolis, MN

More infohttp://www.crypticonminneapolis.com/index.html

Telluride Horror Show

When: October 14-16

Where: Telluride, CO

More infohttp://www.telluridehorrorshow.com/

Brooklyn Horror Film Fest

When: October 14-16

Where: Brooklyn, NY

More infohttp://brooklynhorrorfest.com/

Sinister Creature Con

When: October 15-16

Where: Sacramento, CA

More info: http://www.sinistercreaturecon.com/

Fear Fete

When: October 15-16

Where: Biloxi, MS

More infohttp://www.fearfete.com/

Vortex Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror Film Festival

When: October 17-23

Where: Providence, RI

More info: http://film-festival.org/Horror_ri.php


When: October 18-27

Where: Los Angeles, CA

More infohttp://screamfestla.com/

Dark History and Horror Convention

When: October 21-23

Where: Champaign, IL

More infohttps://www.facebook.com/DarkHistoryCon/

Horrific Film Fest

When: October 21-23

Where: San Antonio, TX

More info: http://horrificfilmfest.com/

Walker Stalker Con

When: October 28-30

Where: Atlanta, GA

More infohttp://www.walkerstalkercon.com/atlanta/


When: October 28-30

Where: Tampa, Florida

More info: http://www.stonehill.org/necro.htm


Which cons are you planning on attending? Do you have some favorites that are on here or that I’ve missed for this year? Leave a comment below or shoot me a message!