The Blue Glow

A True Tale via Mike from Tinley Park, Illinois

I was in bed and woke up out of nowhere and couldn’t move. I remember telling myself “I’m not sleeping,” because I could move my eyes and look around. I said to myself “Ok, there is my TV, and shelves, and everything.”

Then a blue glow started to show up on the right of me next to my bed, but near the floor. I couldn’t move to look and it started to slowly move to the foot of my bed, while making like a rabid animal snarling growling noise. I remember every second of it and the fear it was giving me, while not being able to move. It was at the foot of my bed and came around to my left side now.

The glow was getting brighter and the noise was louder as it got closer to my face. It slowly rose right next to my head and kept rising to the ceiling and then disappeared. Scariest moment I’ve ever had. Took me like 2 days to talk about it, because I was legit freaked out.

blue glow


The story you just read was an experienced that was shared by a Creepy St. follower. Have you experienced something like this? Whether it be sleep paralysis, night terrors, or something truly paranormal, instances like these are truly terrifying!

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