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Best Shops for Horror Pins

My latest obsession over the past year has been in the form of enamel horror pins. These aren’t your ordinary pins from childhood. These are pure magic!

The hottest enamel pins are in the handmade category and designed by some pretty amazing artists. Typically, these are detailed, fixed with some funny catch phrase, or even decked out with some extra machinery to really make your pin come to life (like this pin)!

So many pin shops are popping up on Etsy, Instagram, and Big Cartel, which is definitely good news for anyone wanting to up their pin game.

Since I follow quite a few of these brands and pin-makers on Instagram and have purchased from most of them already, I’ve decided to share some of my favorites with you!

Here are a few:

Cavity Colors


SHOPHerbert West 2.0 Enamel Pin


Agent Mulder Aliens Pin

SHOP: I’m Not Saying It’s Aliens, but It’s Aliens Enamel Pin

Fright Rags

The Thing Light Up Enamel Pin

SHOP: The Thing Light Up Enamel Pin

Creepy Co.

not sorry were creepy pin

SHOP: Not Sorry, We’re Creepy Pin

Demonic Pinfestation

Never Trust The Living Pin

SHOP: Never Trust The Living Pin

Hope Sick Co.

Are You Afraid of the Dark Pin

SHOP: Are You Afraid of the Dark Pin

Peachy X James

Die By Day Pins

SHOP: Die By Day Pins

El Jefe Pins

Blair Witch Pin

SHOP: Found Footage Pioneers Pin


Are you new to collecting horror pins or are you a seasoned pinner with more flair than you know what to do with? I’d love to hear about some of the pin shops you’ve explored and if you have a favorite pin. Drop me a line below!