Valentine’s Day Gifts for Horror Lovers

We’re nearing that time of year again. You know, the overly commercialized holiday known as Valentine’s Day? While every day should be considered a time for love and romance, Valentine’s Day acts an extra reminder to celebrate those we love, admire, or yearn for.

Whether you despise the holiday or revel in all of the candy hearts and roses the day has to offer, I’ve decided to pull together a group of some gift ideas for the ones who make your heart soar. These aren’t your traditional or cliche Valentine’s Day gifts like chocolate boxes or lingerie. The list was inspired by the dark, macabre, and quirky artists who have a knack for melting the hearts of horror lovers.


Hello Sailor

Retro Vinyl Record Player and Cassette Tape Enamel Pins Pack (2 set)

Floral Freddy Krueger Horror Nightmare on Elm Street Print 8×10″


Matthew Lineham Art

80’s Horror Valentine’s Day Card PackĀ 

80’s Horror Valentine’s Day Card Pack 2

Pixel Elixir

Deadly Valentine Enamel Pin

Deadly Valentine T-Shirt


Little Spooky Studio

Set of 5 Horror Movie Killer Valentine’s Day CardsĀ 

Enchanted Rumors

Heartseeker Mini Planchette

Sweetheart Pink Mini Spirit Board Set


Marty Mcewen Cards

Horror Valentine’s Day Cards

Creepy Candles

Bleeding Hand Candles

Olivia Frankenstein

Creep Me Out Notecard

Monster Valentine’s Day Cards

Fright Rags

My Bloody Valentine Baseball Tee (Pre-order)


Gutter Garbs

St. Valentine’s Day T-Shirt



My Bloody Valentine 3D DVD


A Crankenstein Valentine Book

Valensteins Book


Love Monster Book

I hope you enjoyed this list and are able to celebrate love with the Mulder to your Scully or vice versa! Comment below with some of your favorite Valentine’s Day gifts and date ideas.