The Shining Art Exhibit at The Mystic Museum

I had the pleasure of visiting both Bearded Lady’s Vintage & Oddities Shop and The Mystic Museum not once, but twice in the past two months. These interconnected gems are located in the city of Burbank, CA and have stirred up a really nice buzz all over Los Angeles and beyond.

The Vintage Oddities shop is enough to want to empty your bank account on relics laced in macabre and darkness. All of these uniquely curated goods are beautifully and almost romantically displayed throughout both portions of the shop.

One of the highlights of visiting the Shop is knowing that their Team runs an exhibit or installation of some sort related to something in the realm of horror, mystery, or mysticism. I had JUST missed their Slashback Video installation, but was lucky enough on my second visit to experience the wonder of The Shining Art Exhibit.

The Shining, like for many of you, is one of my favorite¬†movies of all time. It’s such a timeless classic and has a terrorizing charm like no other. When I found out about The Shining themed art exhibit, I knew it wasn’t to be missed.

I ventured out on a Saturday afternoon and found the flow of people to space ratio was perfect. It was the third week of the exhibit, so I didn’t have to muster any huge crowds like their opening night party.

There was a $10 entry, which I’d gladly pay again and again, and with that entry, I received a themed button and postcard. Upon entering the art-deco laced door, I was immediately drawn into a state of love and wonder.

Without giving too much away, I was able to interact with the exhibit in creative ways, which were perfect for photo ops and memories. Everything from The Shining themed art and memorabilia from the movie were brought together in their beautiful space with a tinge of art deco and Victorian aesthetics.

There was also a wonderland of oddities intertwined with the Exhibit that also captured my heart. Ouija boards, vintage games, and creepy creations paired up nicely with the rest of The Shining. I left feeling curious, excited, inspired, and alive.

Definitely check out the Shop and Exhibit running through May, if you’re in the Los Angeles area. You won’t regret a second!

Check out some of my photos from my visit and comment to let me know if you’ve visited, too!

Bearded Lady’s Mystic Museum and Shop is located at:

3204 W. Magnolia Blvd. Burbank, CA 91505